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I work as data scientist, applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to explore and visualize data by using R and Python, mainly. Currently, I create predictive models in mining field to optimize the extraction and process of different metals around the world.

Nomination for IAAM Medal of the year 2021, given my contribution to the field of experimental and theoretical research across the scope of nano-science, engineering and technology.

I have published in some of the most important journals worldwide for machine learning purposes such as Combinatorial Science (American Chemical Society, from United States) and Nanoscale (Royal Society of Chemistry from United Kingdom). I worked at Basque Country University (Bilbao, Spain) and Tulane University (New Orleans, United States) to process data and optimize the application of algorithms focused on nanotechnology field.

I consider myself a committed and responsible person.

Busines Intellingence

Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms


Presenting results in international and national conferences


Use of Machine Learning for science purposes

Law and Economics

Law and Economic publications

My Experience

Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms for prediction.

Intellisense, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Applied Data Scientist

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Physical Models


Tulane University, New Orleans, United States

Applied Data Scientist

Machine Learning and Deep Learning


Basque Country University, Bibao, Spain

Data Scientist

Machine Learning and Deep Learning


Pontifical Bolivarian University, Medellín, Colombia

University Professor

International Business


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